New Division of Self Publishing


For most authors who do not wish to wait to have their manuscripts published, KG Books Publishing has opened a new division for Self Publishers. Garrison Publishing will take manuscripts of all genres and deliver to the public in much the same way that KG Books Publishing does. Now you don’t have to wait to get your manuscript to print. You don’t have to look for an agent or for a Traditional Publisher to accept your title. Some authors choose to go the self publishing route because you receive all royalties paid into the publisher.  For more information about Garrison Publishing and to view Packages, go to:

Some good reasons to self publish with Garrison Publishing are listed below.

  • 100% royalties received by the publisher
  • 100% control of how your book looks
  • You choose the cover art, illustrations that go into the book
  • Author keeps rights to the book
  • Different choice options to choose from
  • Marketing package available
  • ISBN provided
  • Marketing consultation available
  • Author support
  • Website hosting available
  • Digital Book distribution
  • Social Media tips available
  • Print on Demand (No need to buy excessive copies of books.  Order amount you need.)
  • Soft and Hard cover availability
  • Full color Cover
  • Digital PDF available
  • Copyright
  • Editing Availability
  • E-Book option