How Bees Came To Make Chili


How Bees Came to Make Chili is a cute story about how a bee became inspired to do something special with his life.  It was written by Terry S Bradley.  Mr. Bradley owns Nubbiebees, a honey store that is located in North Alabama and his honey is marketing to local stores across the south.

How Bees Came To Make Chili is a children’s book that you don’t want to miss. It is just so cute that kids, parents and grandparents love it. Nubbiebee is a bee who has a short wing that was showing off one day and clipped his wing.  He became downhearted when he could no longer fly.  This story tells how Nubbiebee came to make chili and become happy again.  Lots of life lessons to educate your young reader. It shows children that when life throws them a curve, they can still succeed! Life is ever-changing and the lessons learned can change the way we all see each other. Inspirational message about what we can do with the hope and belief of a better tomorrow. It instills a motto of “Dream Big”.

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All About Virtual Blog Tours

Virtual Blog tours is one marketing concept that generates publicity for books and authors. It is a good way to present books to the public by showing the author’s talent on multiple blog sites. Some blog tours may simply showcase your book cover, author biography, and synopsis on different reading blogs. Others tours may include excerpts from the book, and reviews from the blog site owner. Most book blogs are usually geared toward specific genre but may be willing to post on occasion a different but closely related genre. A tour can last one day covering several different sites or over a course of two to three weeks, depending on which book tour you have selected.

This touring route offers the author many benefits.

  •  It allows the author some freedom by not having to show up in various places for book signings and helps the author save more money without having that extra charge of traveling expenses.
  • It allows the book to be presented to the public and the world faster. People from different countries can learn about your book by simply going online and reading about it.
  • It gives you the opportunity to receive book reviews, which help sell the book. Book lovers will buy a book simply by what others say about it.
  • It helps the author build their brand by promoting on several social media sites. More people will visit your website, fan page, and other social media to learn more about you. This helps with higher rankings which presents a much easier way for the author to get recognition.

The tour is usually arranged around the release date or any other time that benefits the books promotion. Then the book tour is promoted by using different forms of social media such as on Facebook, Twitter or other networking mediums.

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