Niche Marketing Tips


Ways to Approach people (including teachers) about your book!

1. First look at your target audience or niche market. If your book targets students of any age group, schools are an excellent place to sell books. If your book doesn’t target students, think about other groups of people who it might help. Many churches have small groups and age- or gender-based fellowship groups. Other community associations and service groups are often looking for speakers.

  • Approach people by offering them a service. Offer to do a speech or presentation. It can be about writing, books, business, etc…
  • Presentations should be around 20 minutes minimum, an hour max. Think about what your book can teach, and focus on that in the presentation. Your book itself should certainly be a part of the presentation, but don’t make it the entire focus.

2. Look at what your book is geared toward, then focus on that.

  • If your book is geared toward a certain topic such as: Self Help Topics, see what groups are in your area that cover toward this.
  • If your book is a health or medical book, you can attend medical conventions and offer your expertise.
  • If your book is geared toward teens, place your book on online teen websites.

3. Different ways to approach people. Emails are more friendly and don’t seem too pushy. Schools post teacher’s emails on their sites. Cold calls are more direct but can be handled in a friendly way. (Some people prefer this method.) Send letters out to teachers, libraries, businesses, bookstores etc.

3. Have a way for people to contact you. List your contact information on your website. Have a page explaining that you are available for bookings.

Now lets look at ways to reach children. Schools are full of children. Teachers have a hard job to do and sometimes need to take a break. That is where you come in. You might offer your assistance to them by offering to come do a speech to the kids. Below is an example email you could send them. Make sure you follow up with them. If they agree on you coming in to their school, then let send them a book order form that kids can buy your books before hand. You might want to bring some free pencils or stickers to those that didn’t purchase a book.


Writing Your First Book

Whether a person is new at writing or an experience journalist, writing the first book can become over-whelming. The main thing to remember is to take it one step at a time. If you haven’t done some kind of research about the writing process, it might be a good place to start. Most writers don’t suddenly begin to write a book or novel. There has usually been a point in their life where they realize that writing has been their passion from an early age. Now don’t take this the wrong way, but there are only a few people who have decided they wanted to be a writer later in life. Most writers have had some idea or preconception regarding writing early on.

If you have decided you want to write a book, then decide what the book will be about. Research your topic, search for your niche market, develop a plan and write. Writing can be a business in so many different ways. Whether you are writing for a company, for yourself, or for the internet, writing can be rewarding with so many benefits. Unless you are a well-known actor or singer, you are probably not going to make it rich on your first book. So one needs to have passion for it to really pay off.

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