Using Social Media to Promote Your Product


Let me tell you that using social media to market your business should be on your top priority. Most social media sites are great for marketing but must be used on a continuous basis. Whether you are marketing a book you written or a product, social media is the largest marketing platform available for business owners worldwide.  Below are three important things to consider in your strategic marketing plan.

What are the differences between social media sites ?
•There are social engaging media sites such as Facebook, My Space, Twitter, Instagram that people use to keep informed with their families and friends.
•Then there are business related social media sites that people use to interact with other businesses or to drive customers to their businesses. These might include Linked In, Empire Avenue, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Foursquare, You tube, Tumblr, Digg etc..

1. Why use social media marketing?
•Social media marketing should be used just as much as traditional routes of marketing. More and more people are using the internet to shop, do research or plan for the future.
•More Internet users are purchasing more and more books through Nook, Kindle or Kobo E-readers instead of paperback copies.

2. How to be successful at social media marketing?
•To be successful at social media marketing one must do it on a continuous timeframe. You can’t just post one thing on one site and then come back to it a month later.
•You must write engaging content and do it daily, preferable.
•Make sure to get your blog or article noticed by going to the Google Trends search site. Use important keywords in your content. Use those topics or keywords that people are searching for the most. The best way to see what keywords stand out and that are being used by search engines such as google is to use the Google keyword tool. Look for keywords that are low on the list. Use ones that no one else is using.
•Set up as many profiles as you can on different platforms. Don’t just use Facebook. Use everyone that you can. LinkedIn is a great one to be able to set up a person page and then a professional company page.
•Make sure your business can be recognized on Google, Yahoo and other major search engines. You can do this by submitting your site directly to them or through other search engine directories.
•Use forums as much as possible. List your company information, start a new topic relating to your product.
•Build clients by generating leads through all avenues of social media.
•Seach google for websites that will allow you to post free profiles.
•Search twitter, linkedIn, facebook for Author Databases and Literary Sites

3. Differentiate your Product
•Set up a strategic plan and follow through.
•Set up a definite brand that identifies you as a business.
•It is good to have a logo that sets you apart from everyone. Some famous brand logos are Nike, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Linked In, Pinterest, McDonalds, Visa, K-Mart, Fed Ex and Dairy Queen.

Social Media and advertising go hand and hand. Without social media it is impossible to promote your business to the world. With social media you can reach people all over the world with a click of a key. The thing is to find the best route that works for your business and run with it. What works for one person might not work for someone else.


Social Marketing through Social Media


Never has there been a better time to market than today through social media. Who knew that only a few years back that we would have the access we have today through the Internet or World Wide Web. WWW as we commonly use the term is placed in front of website domains to lead the way into a broad world of people. From business owners, new entrepreneurs, marketing professionals or casual shoppers, the internet supplies us with information about technology, medications, corporations, clothing, travel or real estate. Most businesses do some type of marketing through social media. From the privacy of our home we can read new books, learn about diets, go to college, search for clothing, research topics and the list goes on.

Social media is one of the best ways to advertise your business or informational site. There are literally thousands of different social sites from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Myspace, Digg, Yahoo, Google Plus, Bebo, Instragram, Vine, Youtube, Tagged, Vocus & Hootsuite to name a few. Then you have link markets supplying you with business names, blog directories that list top blogging sites, dating websites & then clubs and forums where people can communicate. Article websites and blogs allow users to post comments about the topic, which is a form of socialization. All of these are useful in promoting different products and services. Most websites will allow other marketers to place their logos at a small fee to advertise. So really any form of marketing whether it is using social media sites or general shopping sites is worth the effort.

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