Niche Marketing Tips


Ways to Approach people (including teachers) about your book!

1. First look at your target audience or niche market. If your book targets students of any age group, schools are an excellent place to sell books. If your book doesn’t target students, think about other groups of people who it might help. Many churches have small groups and age- or gender-based fellowship groups. Other community associations and service groups are often looking for speakers.

  • Approach people by offering them a service. Offer to do a speech or presentation. It can be about writing, books, business, etc…
  • Presentations should be around 20 minutes minimum, an hour max. Think about what your book can teach, and focus on that in the presentation. Your book itself should certainly be a part of the presentation, but don’t make it the entire focus.

2. Look at what your book is geared toward, then focus on that.

  • If your book is geared toward a certain topic such as: Self Help Topics, see what groups are in your area that cover toward this.
  • If your book is a health or medical book, you can attend medical conventions and offer your expertise.
  • If your book is geared toward teens, place your book on online teen websites.

3. Different ways to approach people. Emails are more friendly and don’t seem too pushy. Schools post teacher’s emails on their sites. Cold calls are more direct but can be handled in a friendly way. (Some people prefer this method.) Send letters out to teachers, libraries, businesses, bookstores etc.

3. Have a way for people to contact you. List your contact information on your website. Have a page explaining that you are available for bookings.

Now lets look at ways to reach children. Schools are full of children. Teachers have a hard job to do and sometimes need to take a break. That is where you come in. You might offer your assistance to them by offering to come do a speech to the kids. Below is an example email you could send them. Make sure you follow up with them. If they agree on you coming in to their school, then let send them a book order form that kids can buy your books before hand. You might want to bring some free pencils or stickers to those that didn’t purchase a book.


Become a Professional Speaker

Businessman Explaining Retreat Agenda

There are so many different places that will allow a professional speaker come and talk to their audience. Whether it is a huge university looking for someone to talk about writing to a small group of kids at a local school, you can appear professional in just a few steps. See this helpful slide below to give you some step by step instructions.
Remember to prepare yourself ahead of time by making notes, show up early at the venue, be yourself, offer helpful information to the audience in general, and expect the unexpected.  Don’t forget to tell your audience ways they can contact you.  In the end, you’ll realize you have much to offer to anyone interested in your business.

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Building Customers through a Contact List

Businessman Giving out Card
Any business needs to know some basic ways to reach their customers. One way is through a contact list. Here is some basic ways to build a network of clients through a contact list.

1. You should have a way for people to sign up for your mailing list. It should be on all of your blogs, websites, social media sites and the works. You can’t gain contacts without it.

2. Simply write down names of people that you have done business with before, either personal or through work. They could be friends, family, colleagues or clients. Also, you could look at past acquaintances such as classmates, neighbors, former bosses or vendors.

3. Ask for referrals through friends, speaking engagements, book signings, or simply word of mouth.

4. Attend writing conferences, book fairs, book festivals and pass out your business cards.

5. Different businesses and schools have contact list that are readily available to the public. It depends on whom you wish to add to your contact list.

6. Ask for feedback and make sure to add a place for them to write down their contact information.

7. Offer people something in return for joining your mailing list. Some people offer giveaways, others offer free advice through videos.

8. Some businesses use mailing list brokers. They normally charge a big fee though.

Now that you have a contact list, you need to be able to organize the list where you can make sense out of it. Use some type of filing system to categorize your list. I hope this helps you in creating a contact list to aid you in your email marketing platform.

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10 Steps Toward Respect

As a business owner, I have found that the number one thing that a business or person needs is respect. Without respect it is hard to build a proper working relationship with someone. Have you noticed that everyone thinks they are right. Showing respect to someone will help you more than insults or demands. Here are ten things that a customer or employer needs to learn in order to show and earn respect.

1. Don’t argue with your employer or customer. This will not help the situation.

2. Don’t try to change the business dynamics. If you don’t own the business, you can’t tell the owner what to do.

3. Show appreciation to others. Let others know that you are thankful for them by offering praise.

4. Listen but be willing to change. Be willing to listen to others and change your ideas if necessary.

5. Don’t insult your employer or employees. This will never help you. Act and speak with integrity.

6. Good work ethics have better consequences. Do the best job you can do.

7. Treat others the way you want to be treated. If you are kind to others they will most likely return the sentiment.

8. Show not tell. This is a polite way of saying, Don’t demand but show by example.

9. Set boundaries. Don’t allow others to mistreat you by clearing stating it.

10. Set clear goals. Set realistic goals and define them so everyone understands them.

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