How Do I Find Help with Writing


Even the most trained writer needs help with their writing from time to time.  Do you think Danielle Steel presents a masterpiece every time.  I would dare say that she has had an editor come and help give her tips on what makes her book much better.  She has probably even hired a writing coach who coaches her into writing a longer manuscript, editing all the fine details and giving her words of encouragement.  Don’t ever think that the most famous authors of today don’t ever get discouraged because they do.  That is where a writing coach comes in.  They help bring discipline into the writers life where sometimes things sound a little chaotic.  What exactly is a writing coach you may ask? A writing coach provides easy and proven strategies to help authors overcome writer’s block, fine tune their manuscript and provide support to their clients.

Other ways a coach might help a new author is they can give them valuable insights into the writing market and show them what sells and what doesn’t.  They can offer a helping hand in beta-reading a manuscript and giving their input about a particular book.  A writing coach has so many more things to offer.  From hands on advice to training manuals and videos, a writing coach can help an author succeed in the writing industry. Tracy Kauffman offers assistance to new authors through a 3 step video training series, Full Speed Ahead.  She shows authors how to improve their writing skills, find a publisher and shows ways of marketing their finished book.  Enroll now!


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