First Page of Writing

I recently come across this blog that talked about the first page of writing which I thought every author should read. That first page is important because it can draw in the reader or scare them away. Not only should the first page capture the reader’s attention, but the first sentence. This sentence should stand out among all the rest of the book.

In college English, the main part of the class talks about essays, learning to write essays and punctuation. The first sentence of an essay is the Thesis sentence. It should summarize the rest of the story, capture the reader’s attention, and be supported by evidence which will be the following sentences.

Now if you are writing a fiction story, the same can apply. Use that first sentence to let your reader know something about your book. If it is a mystery, the thesis should portray that by using strange, mysterious, enigmatic, curious words. Well you should see my point by now.

Don’t start your page off slowly where it bores the reader. This page should bring some excitement making it difficult to put down. This page is the most important part of your story. Give a hint of the rest but without revealing the whole story.


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