Mastering the Art of Writing in Six Steps

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To master the skill or art of writing, a writer should look at these six steps which will guide them toward writing excellence. With each step a writer learns ways to captivate the audience, whether they are reading a book or a blog post. One must analyze, clarify, engage, edit, simplify and excite readers into wanting more.

1. Analyze- Know your audience. Readers will be critical when it comes to your writing if they were expecting something different. If a writer states that their book is geared toward kids but uses a lot of adult language, then the author was not taking into consideration the audience. Same applies to a writer writing for adults and but uses simplistic language.

2. Engage your audience with every part of your book. Don’t make the first page very interesting and then make the rest of it boring. You have to keep the reader guessing on what is going to happen next. Make the reader want to keep reading even though they might want to stop.

3. Clarify what your book is about. If you are writing a book for educational purposes, to be humorous or just plain fictional, make sure to let the reader know that in advance.

4. Simplify- Get rid of excess baggage. Don’t go on and on and on about something that is not important or that does not need to be there. I recently picked up a book that was extremely long. I wished I could have shown the author where they could have cut parts that didn’t help the storyline.

5. Bring some excitement into your story. Make your characters interesting. No one likes to read a book when they hate all the characters. Bring life to the character. Don’t make them sound too educated. Use contractions, use words that would use in normal everyday life.

6. Last of all, edit your book. Don’t let your book go to print without someone qualified to edit it. There are programs you can go through where you can get informative advice on how your book reads. Readers want to enjoy their time spent reading, not correcting all of your errors.

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