What Our Publishing Company is All About!

We at KG Books Publishing understand your concerns.  Perhaps you are an author and have been burned by previous so-called publishers who have taken your money and not followed up on their promises.  If you are an author and don’t know anything about publishers, I suggest you do your research.  There are generally three types of publishers.  1. Self Publishers who expect you to pay for the books, all services and so forth.  2. Subsidiary or Vanity press Publishers who still expect you to pay money to publish your book and make you pay different expenses for marketing, book covers, press releases and so on.  3. The third is the Traditional route of publishing which we are.  Traditional Publishers use their own money to publish your book including book cover artist, layout, printing, illustrations and marketing.

When we say we charge no upfront fees, that is exactly what we mean.  As any business, we have to make money, right.  Well, we only make money if your book sells.  Now why would we do all the work and only receive a small amount?  That is why we are selective on whom we publish.  If we do not think that your book will benefit us publishing it, then we will decline it.  No, we do not publish everyone like some publishers do.

I hope this has helped you to understand a little about our company.  We have a Q and A page, that specifically lays out information about our company that authors might want to know.  Click here to view this page: http://www.kgbooks.org/#!question-and-answer/c1c7b

Advice to authors who submit their manuscript!

1. Explain why your book will sell, what is it all about.

2. Do not submit work that has been previously published, either self or through a different publisher.

3. Don’t expect us to say yes to everyone!

4. Don’t be rude to us through an email because that will not help you!  Trust me, we will probably decline you!

5. Submit a short bio of yourself  including previous works!


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