Using Media Advertising to Promote Your Books

You have released your first book and wonder what you can do to promote it.  Consider using different media sources to promote your new release.  Whether it is  TV, newspapers, Internet radio shows, newspapers, magazines, podcasts, video  blogs, there are several venues to promote your work.  To attract media outlets it might not be as simple as black and white.  It might just take some extra effort on your part.  Don’t forget there are several social media promotion sites to utilize.

1. First consider your niche market.  What type of book did you write.  What types of media might be interested in that niche.  Whether it is a book about the economy or a Christian themed book, there are certain venues that might be willing to listen to what you have to offer.

2. Make your story unique.  Find ways to get the media to listen to what you have to offer.  TV programs or newspapers receive hundreds of press releases daily.  Make yours stand out from the others.  Give them something to report.  They might be looking for a feature article.  If you have written a medical type book, then that gives them something to talk about in their health section.  Use your imagination and come up with something different that you can approach the reporters about.

3. Use online media to promote your book.  This can be through articles, blogs or book reviews.  Social media is growing drastically and it is becoming an invaluable way to market.

4. Be courteous but informative.  Don’t tell them what they should do.  No one likes to be bossed around.  Be polite without trying to sell your book.  Offer them reasons to host you on their program or on their media site.

5. Offer giveaways during media interviews.  This will generate interest in your book but make sure you tell people where they can go to buy your book.

After the interview, make sure to thank your host for their time and for allowing you to be a part of their program. Don’t be afraid to ask them to review your book.  Reviews are great ways for the readers to see what your book has to offer.

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