Secrets to Business Success

There are a few things that are a definite step toward success. Whether you are a small business just getting started or a larger corporation, these basic steps will lead you to a successful business.

1. Personal branding is a must for the new entrepreneur.  People need to know what your company or business is all about. Personal branding could be a logo design, trademark, a set of business guidelines, website or place where others come to learn about you.

2. Stay active.  Seems pretty easy and self-explanatory but most often businesses give up before they become successful.  They work hard for the first few months but give up due to lack of resources, time, energy and faith.

3. Research and Take Rapid Action. What this means is that you can do some research about your product.  Find out what sells, who the buyer is, what a good price for your product and then take immediate action. Whatever you need to do to accomplish your end goal is what you need to do.  Don’t wait for someone else to help you, don’t wait for the economy to get better, take swift action now.

4. Market and Advertise your business.  Whatever product or service your business provides, you need to have a marketing plan in place.  Some look at a business plan and write down certain marketing actions that they need to do and follow them.

5. Stay motivated.  Nothing kills a business more than lack of determination. Don’t give up so easily.  Every business will have stumbling blocks in the way. Your job is to find a way around those.  Hang around positive people. Nothing hurts a business owner more than to listen to negative people.

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5 thoughts on “Secrets to Business Success

  1. Business Thought or Idea:

    Change your password often.

    I had a site some years back that was generating some good traffic, producing small sales and had a great group of visitors and contributors. Then one day it was all gone, my groups passwords had all been changed, customers had porn sent out in my company name. I quickly rebuilt what I could, it was hacked a second time. Then again, a third time, this time my personal computer was compromised.

    It’s taken me several years to get some of that information back and I’m online again. I was changing passwords about 1x a month and they were still able to hack.

    Changing the passwords is very important and not something you’ll want to be lazy on.

    ….mom of many not my own.

    Evansville, IN City Wide Leukemia Awareness Party!

  2. I enjoy that in your previous post you are keeping it simple. As a small business, it is easy to become tangled in the big picture. We forget building upon a solid foundation of successful and proven marketing concepts. I strive, with my blog, to provide the marketing basics in fun, easy-to-read and remember analogies and metaphors. Thanks too for the suggestions. Have a good day!

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