Defining Your Target Audience

With any new business, an entrepreneur needs to know how to target an audience for marketing. They needs to know where to advertise and where to place advertisements to attract customers to their products or services. A target audience is where a business focuses on selling their products. When establishing a target audience, one might ask or determine who will buy their products. Then they can advertise directly to this audience through various advertisements.

First, let’s consider who might be interested in buying your product. What is the product you are trying to sell? Who might benefit from the product? Then target those specific people when setting up your marketing strategy.
Target audiences are formed by separating different groups of people. For example, you might target a religious crowd interested in Bibles that are for sale. Or, you might search for teachers that are looking for books for young readers. Possibly you might target physicians that are interested in medical books. Or a cook that might be searching for cookbooks. Teenagers might be looking for something to deal with dating. Once you have decided who your target audience is, then it makes the marketing process go easier.

Different businesses use specific branding to engage their target audience.
What is branding? Branding is defining a product by creating an image or name for a certain product by different advertising campaigns. Such as McDonalds uses a huge “M” to brand their business. Facebook uses a Blue “F” to define their business.

Businesses usually advertise through different ways such as directly, indirectly, mass marketing, or niche marketing.
Directly would be talking to an individual that you run across. Mass marketing is considered indirect marketing and is used by advertising through television, newspapers, radios or mailers. Niche marketing is a lot like target marketing. Finding your niche is when you clearly define a specific part of the market and then focus on marketing directly to them.

An example of a niche market is saying that you are a young adult romance novelist instead of just a fiction author. Or you might say that you sell “soft lense Acuvue contacts” instead of just “contact lenses”.

Other sites talking about targeting a specific market:

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