Organizational Strategies for New Businesses

Any new business needs to have organizational strategies set in place to increase productivity.  Believe it or not, authors needs to consider themselves entrepreneurs.  Here are a few strategies that will help any business.

  • Efficiency- this should be the number one focus in creating an organizational system with any new business.  This means organizing tasks into fewers steps necessary to accomplish the goal quickly with the minimal amount of effort.
  • Reduction- reduce the amount of inventory necessary in your business.  This means smaller inventory is easier to manage.  Work on one task at a time.  
  • Resourcefulness- be resourceful with the tools you have on hand.  If you are an author, a computer might serve one purpose while a pen and pad might serve the same purpose, with fewer distractions.  It is easy to get distracted by emails, social media, phone calls, visitors and so on.
  • Reject lesser values- determine what is of greater importance and focus on that.  Focus on efficiency, not on perfectionism.
  • Structure-bondaries should be set by establishing a routine.  Routines promote efficiency and control productivity. Setting schedules will keep you on your end goal.
  • Support- any new business needs some type of support system in place. It is easy to get burned out or stressed out.  If you have enough resources, have a support team  in place, especially for customers and clients to be able to contact.  A support team should be considered a therapeutic tool for the business owner or employees.
  • Reduce distractions- Some helpful tips to reduce distractions might be reducing outside noise.  Have someone else answer your phone or use an answering machine to take your calls, until you are able to return them.  Create designated areas for certain task.


Any new business will have things that might get in the way of their productivity but after organizing their business with these skills, they will become efficient, resourceful, become more structured and organized.




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