Is Writing Your Passion or Calling?

Before anything else, one must ask themselves to examine what motivates them and what drives them.  Passion is something that motivates us and gives us that strong desire to move forward. Writing should not only be your passion but calling.  Writers might have that  intensive compelling desire to write but have a greater calling in something else. 

A person’s calling is what they were made to do in life.  Some think this is totally absurb and ridiculous to think that someone has a calling.  I say think of it like this.  You might have a passion for something and strive very dilligently at it for years and years and not move an inch toward your goal.  Others might have a calling and barely work at their end goal without much conflict.  They may become successful in a shorter amount of time, when the other one continues working harder and harder for their end goal.  Have you ever seen someone like this?  You question why someone so motivated never gets anything done.  The reason is, they do not have a calling for it. 

Whether writing or engineering, whether acting or designing building, one must have a calling.  Without it, life is so much harder.  With it, life can be rewarding.  I didn’t say not challenging at times, but rewarding.  If life was always easy, then where is the reward?


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