Book Signing Tips

Here are some basic book signing tips to help prepare you for your first book signing.  Remember to bring a crowd.  Create a demand for your book.

1. Be prepared- bring books to sell and have extra on hand.

2. Contact the bookstore owner ahead of time to confirm the date.

3. Use promotional items to promote yourself and your book.

    a. Hand out pens with your name, magnets, etc…

    b. Hand out push card and business cards for those that are not ready to buy.

4. Post the event everywhere ahead of time.

    a. Online newspapers

    b. free classified sections online

    c. email invitations to your contacts

    d. hang flyers.

    e. Use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc…

5. Ask a friend to help you at the event.  They can take your place while you run to the restroom or while you are setting up your table.

6. Set up your table where it looks engaging. 

     a. Bring candy to hand out.

     b. Use a table cloth or handmade cloth

     c. Set up a slide show on your computer

7. Approach people and look approachable.

    a. Stand when possible and be friendly. 

    c. Smile and offer your hand.

    d. Start a conversation by asking them: “Are you an avid reader? or “Do you live around here?”

8. Have a guest book for people to sign in.  That way you have a contact list.

9. Dress accordingly.  Never sloppy.

10. Arrive early so you can set up your table.

11. Send a thank you note to the store owner thanking them for allowing you to showcase your work.



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